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Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese Dictionary Server

Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server, maintained by Honorary Senior Research Fellow Jim Breen of Monash University, is one of the most comprehensive free Japanese dictionaries available on the internet. There is even a simplified version of the Web page designed for cell phone access. Definitions are simple and not all terms have sample sentences, but the dictionary is constantly updated and includes popular terminology difficult to find in other dictionaries. One of its limitations is that the English-Japanese search does not always come up with the most relevant term first, so you may find yourself clicking through several pages before finding the word you are looking for.

Denshi Jisho - Online Japanese Dictionary

This dictionary is user-friendly and includes useful features like providing readings and a magnified picture of kanji words that you mouse over and a kanji lookup that includes stroke order diagrams. Sometimes when searching from English to Japanese you may be provided with several words with seemingly the same definition. Always be sure to cross-reference by looking up the word in another dictionary or typing the phrase you are trying to write in a Google search to look for instances to make sure you have chosen the right word for the right situation.


This is a website for Japanese learners of English. The search bar at the top can be used as a dictionary. This is the best dictionary for searching for multiword phrases as it searches for both terms and sentences from its massive database. The drawback for English speakers is that there are no readings provided for kanji, so you may want to use this dictionary in tandem with one of the two above. Just copy and paste the terms into the other dictionary to get the readings. Also note that words must be entered in Japanese, not roomaji, and that words commonly written in kanji must be entered using kanji in order to be recognized.


This website has hundreds of podcasts about Japanese language and culture for all different levels of Japaense learners. A free membership grants access to the podcasts and other levels of membership include benefits such as worksheets to accompany lessons, a customizable wordbank that you can turn into flashcards to study with, and even one-on-one Skype conversation or writing assistance with native Japaense speakers at the top level of membership. This is excellent for audio learners and convenient because you can download the lessons to your mp3 player and listen to them anywhere.

Japanese in Anime & Manga

This wonderful site allows you to learn Japanese while enjoying manga. Choose a theme (school, samurai, love, or ninja) and explore vocabulary and cultural notes through a story. One of my favorite parts in the Character Expressions section. Learn how to speak like an old man, a teenage girl, or a samurai!

The Japan Times

The Japan Times is Japan's oldest English-language newspaper. It is a lifeline for foreigners in Japan and a way for people elsewhere to keep a finger on the pulse of Japanese current events.


This is the website for the popular Asahi newspaper of Japan. Advanced learners can read the articles in Japanese. Beginners can read the English version of the page to learn about Japanese current events.

Yomiuri Online

Yomiuri is another popular Japanese newspaper.

The JET Programme

The official page of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme. The JET Programme gives English-speakers with an interest in Japan the chance to teach English in Japanese schools.

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