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Kathryn Fawcett

Hajimemashite.  My name is Kathryn Fawcett.  I am originally from Columbus, Ohio.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the Ohio State University in 2005 with a Japanese major and a French minor.  I stayed at OSU to earn my Master of Education in 2006.  During the 2006-07 school year I lived in Japan teaching English at Japanese elementary and junior high schools as a participant of the JET Programme.  I moved to Cary, North Carolina in July of 2007 where I now live with my husband Jason. My first year in North Carolina I worked with the Shugyo Project through Japan Culture Exchange to start new Japanese classes at Kestrel Heights School in Durham and developed and taught new Elementary Japanese and Japanese Culture classes at Davidson County Community College in Thomasville.  In 2008 I began working as the Japanese teacher at Enloe Magnet High School where I still work today.

Many people ask me why I chose to study Japanese.  I was always interested in East Asian culture and art.  I became especially interested in Japan in high school from watching anime (Japanese animation).  At the end of my senior year of high school a friend invited me to go with her to visit her family in Japan that summer.  I jumped at the opportunity!

That is when I really fell in love with Japan.  I was charmed by the friendly people, the rich history, and the juxtaposition of modern technology and traditional culture.  When I returned to America and prepared to begin my undergraduate study I decided to study Japanese in hopes that I might return some day.

As soon as I began studying Japanese (at 7:30 am because the classes at other times were already full) it became my favorite class.  I love puzzles and word games, and to me Japanese is like a puzzle.  I enjoy the challenge of learning to think in new ways that it presents. After earning my BA in Japanese, going into education felt like a natural next step since I wanted to pass my passion for Japan on to others. I enjoy the opportunity to be creative and to problem solve that teaching gives me. My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the moment when a lightbulb lights up in a student's mind when they learn to think about something in a new way.

When I am not teaching you will find me attending Zumba class, watching movies on Netflix with my husband, playing with my rambunctious golden retriever Remus, relaxing with computer and board games, or making jewelry.

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